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Celebration of Motherhood – A Review of Sonnets for Motherhood

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Sonnets For Motherhood, Dr. Kaltume Akubo, Bluu Interactive (, 55 pages.

With seven books already to her credit, Dr. Kaltume Akubo’s voracity in the world of literature cannot be questioned. Her latest, “Sonnets For Motherhood” is a brilliantly crafted narrative built around motherhood, with accompanying nuances made sense of only through self-rediscovery. Indeed, the book’s overarching theme of motherhood was a gradual and personal journey into the natural world of creation, esoterism and aesthetics.

In ‘I Didn’t Understand’, for example, Kaltume reveals rather unpretentiously: “I didn’t understand the tales mothers tell, on how baby sleep and lullabies. They cry to communicate their needs until learn to speak. Never have I understood mothers’ diaries. Until I held my own and the ever-familiar feelings came rushing in”. She was frank and upfront with her experiences in a manner suggestive of ‘experience is the best teacher’. Better still, the beauty in experiential learning was clearly and honestly conveyed in that verse. Love, bonding, intuition and honesty all have roles to play in the process, as articulated by the author in succeeding verses: “I didn’t understand the tales of countless socks, of ceaseless flows, and diapers change. Of baby plays and laughter, never did the realisation hit me. Until it was time to breastfeed at the birth of my own.” I didn’t understand the tales of mother’s joy, of warm smiles and laughter, of gentle pats and soothing hugs, never did I feel the warmth I heard about. Until I held my baby and never wanted to let go. I didn’t understand the tales of expectation, of watching them grow each passing day. Through the teething stage, every step and move to walk. Never did I know the depth of emotion they share. Until I held my own, oh such a feeling so dear”.

In “The Joys of Motherhood”, Kaltume further expresses this feeling: “The joys of motherhood, an endless ocean. A journey of love, care and utmost devotion, with tender hands and a loving smile, through nights and days, she finds her strength in motherhood care. Through the laughter, tears of joy and memories shared and the countless eye contacts, each wills the other to sleep. More than words can say, these priceless moments, no currency can buy. Equally exciting in the sonnets covering 55 pages are titles such as Untainted Love; For You, For Motherhood; Tiny Feet; Tender Embrace; The Rhythm of Culture; Love Like Waterfall; The Heart of A Child; Art; Drum Beats; Motherhood Reflections 1 & 2; Cords of Love and Mother’s Heart.

Sonnets For Motherhood is the unpretentious and inexorable flow of love between mother and child, the glory and wonderment of nature and creation….a celebration of the universality of this experience that makes motherhood unique. Written in a direct and relatable style, the book is recommended for all lovers of good, direct and smooth poetry.

Written by Kio Bob-Manuel PhD Bradford, Assoc. Prof. Peace and Strategic Studies.

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